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Small businesses need your help now.


PayforwardLA helps you connect with local businesses, promote your brand and help spread goodwill in the community.

Here's how it works.

  1. We can either hook you up with a business in the South Bay area or you can take it upon yourself to approach a business on your own.

  2. You produce a social video ( see video for further details ) for no charge to the business, only asking that they pay it forward by helping someone else.

  3. You can add your logo Produced by__ at end to promote your brand.

  4. Please notify us when you have created the video.

  5. Use the #payforwardla so we can aggregate all the videos to post on our social sites. We will hashtag your business too.

  6. Ask that the business you create for to post their pay forward acts of kindness with the same hashtags.


Say you approach a pizza place and  produce a Free video for their Biz. Maybe they donate some pizzas to the Fire Dept, a nursing home or a family in need.

The size of the donation and who it goes to is completely up to the business.

All videos and stories of kindness will be shared on our social sites and partner sites throughout the community.

Video specs

  • :15 to :30 sec video to upload to any social platforms.
  • Help Bz with any scripting after Free consultation/discovery or have them supply notes/ script.
  • Get creative. Decide how much you want to put into this
  • Edit together images they provide that help tell the story of their biz including logos and CTA
  • Don't have photos? Use stock videos and photos that will engage your viewers. No access, we can help.
  • Music is included.
  • It is to your discretion if you want to  shoot any footage on location, and if you do we expect you to adhere to state/city  guidelines
  • and a or help guide you to shoot on your own.
  • Another option, help guide the business owner to shoot on their smart phone and send footage to you to edit with.

I know if you are like me, as video production professional who is passionate about their work, it is hard to just sit and wait for things to go back to normal.  We want to help get us all back on our feet. If businesses thrive, we thrive too. We are in this together.

Greg Montemurro

-Founder of 4siteVideo

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